Start reselling your closet:

Unworn fashion treasures in your wardrobe? With our Flashback community of thousands of people who love fashion in all shapes, someone is seeking what you’re selling.

We offer 2 options to resell your clothes with us:



What is it? Rent-a-rack is the simplest way to resell your clothes by yourself. Our budget-friendly option means you will determine the prices, take care of your rack and keep the most of what you earn. Once the 2 weeks rental is over, you come and collect what has been unsold.

Who is it for? It is perfectly suited for people with more time to resell their clothes.


$210 + 25% off sale price for 2 weeks

How it works

1. Contact us via email or the chat box with preferred rent dates

2. Once approved, we will send you a template with instructions on how to list your items.

3. Bring your items to our high traffic store in Surry Hills. We print out price tags and provide hangers, you just bring your clothes and set up your rack.

*Please note, this option is available to professional sellers only.


Wardrobe Management

What is it? Wardrobe management is a celebrity-like service popular in LA and NY. You give away ownership of your clothes to Flashback and hire us to liquidate and monetise all of your products in total of 3-6 months.

Who is it for? This option is for busy individuals, who want to hire an on-demand wardrobe assistant without paying them a salary.


Selling Price

Your Payout
0-100 10%
101-200 30%
201-800 50%
801+ 80%


What is the process?

1. Contact us via email or the chat box with the amount of pieces and brands you want to sell

2. You can bring them in store if you are Sydney-based. If not, we will provide you with a prepaid courier bag to send us your items.

3. Flashback prices, edits, lists, photographs, quality checks, stores, prices, packs and ships the items for you. Once the item has sold the you earns up to 80% of the sales price.


Learn more and get started here:

Rent-a-Rack FAQs

Wardrobe Management FAQs


What are the benefits of reselling?

  • Save time

  • Free up space

  • No stress



When it comes to buying second hand, consumers look for 2 things: good quality and a fair price. 


Consumers prefer either well-known brands or designer brands as a second-hand purchase. Well-known brands include Australian designers, international designers or good quality online and brick-and-mortar retailers such as Meshki or Zara. Designer brands include luxury brands such as Versace or Off-white. 

When it comes to lifestyle products, consumers care about the source more than the brand. A never used handmade candle from a small business or clean beauty from a niche brand are a great way for consumers to discover new brands at a lower price.

If you still unsure whether your items fall into those categories, please contact us with more questions so we can assist you.


The prices set for your items will be informed by their age, condition, season, trendy design, brand popularity and their original price. Depending on the item's condition, we have found that the optimal price for pre-loved items (with the ultimate goal to sell quickly) is at least 75% off the original price. Setting price too high inevitably leads to items remaining unsold for long periods of time, defeating the purpose of turning your wardrobe into cash! Remember, only give away clothes you do not wear and want.